ALS continues to focus on the needs of all of our clients and works with them in a number of ways to deliver Quality Interpreting and Translating services. We will;

  • Collaborate with our partners, Departments, Agencies and our clients to develop our national framework of interpreter services
  • Consult with our partners, interpreters and our clients
  • Consolidate by reviewing data, policies, research, models of best practice and in the development of a centralised resource to benefit all of our partners and clients
  • Capacity build by training interpreters and supporting their NAATI accreditation
  • Capture the processes, outcomes and findings to review and improve delivery of our services

ALS Delivers

  • Consistent ISO 9001Quality Assured processes and services with NAATI accredited interpreters
  • Demonstrated expertise and capacity
  • Value for money at a competitive price
  • An understanding of the need to provide qualified interpretation services
  • An understanding of our partner, Department, Agency and client requirements and needs
  • Feedback on results to confirm outcomes


  • aus-mig-option

    “ALS has provided interpreting and translating services for Australian Migration options since 2010 and are outstanding for being able to provide professional assistance at last minute notice and at very competitive prices. ALS services in both interpreting and translating have always been efficient, prompt and of high quality and we have recommended their services to many other Migration Agent companies.”

    ~ Libby Hogarth Director – Principal at Australian Migration Options
  • playfair
    ~ Shanil Nanayakkara – Practicing Manager

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ALS Continuously seeks NAATI qualified and recognized interpreters and translators. ALS recognized NAATI accreditation as the minimum qualification for languages where testing is available. we will consider recruitment of interpreters with minimum or no accreditation in non accredited and on demand languages.

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